Mixing Tank, Packing Machine, Tablet Machine

    1. Fermentation Tank The fermentation tank is reaction equipment for the growth of microorganism. It offers comfortable environment for the growth and metabolism of microorganism, and the fermentation product also formed in it.
    1. Reaction VesselThe reaction vessel is a pressure vessel used for vulcanization, nitration, hydrogenation, alkylation and condensation. It is widely applied in petroleum, rubber, pesticide, dyestuff, food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.
    1. Gelatin Mixing Tank, Water Bath TypeThe gelatin mixing tank adopts water bath-type stand-alone and bidirectional multi-layer diffluent agitating bearing and multi-directional transmission device and reducer. These devices enable our mixing tank to run smoothly.
    1. Mobile Thermal Insulation Gelatin BucketThe mobile thermal insulation gelatin bucket is widely applied to dissolve gelatin and mix color for gelatin solution in laboratories. It is new-style equipment used for gelatin dissolving, ingredient compounding, vacuum mixing and homogenization in the process of capsule production.
    1. Alcohol Sedimentation TankThe alcohol sedimentation tank is extensively used for separation and precipitation of liquid materials such as herbal medicine, oral liquid and liquid food.
      This device can operate under normal temperature, and it also can work in the jacket ...
    1. Crystallization TankThe crystallization tank is extensively used in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical industries.
      Our crystallization tank is easy to discharge and can drain cooling water out completely.
    1. Mobile Insulation TankThe quick-opening device is installed in the upper part of the tank. The gelatin solution can be conveyed to the tank through it by pressure. Besides, instrument is installed in the upper part of the tank to display delivery valve.
    1. Preparation VesselThe preparation vessel is applicable for the preparation and storage of materials. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries.
      The preparation vessel is mainly composed of tank, jacket, and agitator. . ...
    1. Interlayer Rationing PotThe interlayer rationing pot is mainly used to mix, concentrate or decoct liquid materials in pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries.
      The interlayer rationing pot is composed of pot, supporting frame, worm wheel and worm.
    1. Hot Water ExchangerThe hot water exchanger is heated by steam or electricity, and can offer 80℃-100℃hot water. It is equipped with automatical constant temperature device to provide heat for heated zone of gelatin mixing tank, water bath type.
    1. Small Portable High Shear MixerThe small portable high shear mixer can be used to disperse, mix, homogenize and convey liquid medicine in production process of soft capsule, and it also can be used for vacuum defoaming.
      The high speed and high shear disperser can enable liquor to flow inside the gap...
    1. Solution Preparation TankThe solution preparation tank is widely used for preparation and storage of liquor in the production process of infusion solution and oral liquid.
      The parts which directly contact with materials are made of stainless steel 316L.
    1. Solution Preparation Production LineThe solution preparation production line is extensively used for the production of infusion solution and oral liquid. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, food and biotechnology industries.
      The liquid-preparing system adopts closed type structure. All components are connected ...
    1. Tube Filler, Tube Sealer Our tube filler, tube sealer is intelligent. It will alarm and won't implement the filling instruction if the tube is not provide or not placed in the right place, or the pressure is not enough. It also can automatically stop working to ensure security when the protective door is opened.
    1. Blister Packing MachineOur blister packing machine is a new-style high-precision blister packing machine. It is widely used to package capsules, tablets, honey pills in pharmaceutical industry, to package milk tablets, candies, chocolates in food industry, to package injectors, syringes, pins in medical apparatus ...

Mixing Tank, Packing Machine, Tablet Machine

Zhejiang Sunny Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional mixing tank, packing machine and tablet machine manufacturer based in China. We mainly produce pharmaceutical equipment, chemical industrial equipment, foodstuff equipment, and more.

Nowadays, all our products are CE certified, and feature superior quality and low prices. As a result, they are highly sought after by customers from many parts of the world, including the United States, Canada, Russia, Britain, Germany, Spain, Australia, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, etc.

In addition, our company is located in Wenzhou City, Zhengjiang Province, where we are near sea, land and air transportation facilities. This helps to offer you lower international shipping charges.

For further enquiries and for purchase, you are very much welcomed to contact us at Zhejiang Sunny Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

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