Low Temperature Effective Extractor

Low Temperature Effective Extractor

The low temperature effective extractor is suitable to extract and concentrate effective components from herbal medicines. It is also used for solvent recovery and collection of aromatic oil.

Features of Low Temperature Effective Extractor
1. The low temperature effective extractor is mainly composed of extracting tank, external recycle single-effect concentrator, and other accessory equipment.
2. It is suitable for aqueous extract and ethanol extract, and can extract effective components and recycle volatile oil under normal or negative pressure.

3. The vacuum transducer and control box are equipped for extraction in normal temperature and concentration in low temperature, extraction and concentration in normal temperature, extraction and concentration in low temperature, and more.
4. The oil-water separator is made up of two glass cylinders, which can keep a longer time for separation of oil and water, thus achieve a better separating effect. Meanwhile, glass cylinders are suitable for watching.
5. The low temperature effective extractor uses high gravity system to concentrate extracts while it extracts effective components.
6. The distilled water will return to extracting tank again for further extraction. The whole process of extraction will last 4 to 5 hours.
7. The recycled high concentration solvent will flow to alcohol preparation tank, and used as solvent in the ethanol depositing tank and extracting tank. The low concentration solvent will be transferred to diluted alcohol storage tank.
8. The control box controls the emission of solvent, and it allows the solvent flow out automatically when required. This reduces the amount of work and improves utilization rate of solvents.

Technical Parameters of Low Temperature Effective Extractor

Model Items DTWZ-D-6 DTWZ-D-3 DTWZ-D-2 DTWZ-D-1
Pressure in Interlayer (Mpa) <0.1
Pressure in Jacket (Mpa) <0.25
Pressure in Cylinder (Mpa) 0.6-0.7
Diameter of Manhole (mm) 450 400 400 400
Heat Area (m2) 30 12 10 6
Condenser Area (m2) 60 30 20 10
Condenser Area (m2) 1.5 1 1 0.5
Volume (m3) 6 3 2 0.5
Evaporation Capacity (kg/h) 2000 1000 700 300

Note: the data can be customized.

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