Suppository Vacuum Mixing Emulsifier

Suppository Vacuum Mixing Emulsifier

The suppository vacuum mixing emulsifier is suitable to produce suppositories. It has a better processing effect for oil based materials and high viscosity materials.

Features of Suppository Vacuum Mixing Emulsifier
1. TZZRJ(S) series suppository vacuum mixing emulsifier is a new product developed from TZZRJ series vacuum mixing emulsifier. It is mainly composed of emulsifying tank, stromatolysis tank, hot water tank, hot water pump, vacuum system, hydraulic system, automatic feeding system, and electrical apparatus control system.
2. All pipelines and containers which directly contact with materials are kept at the same temperature. This makes materials remain dissolved well during the whole material preparation and conveying process.
3. The ready-prepared materials will be automatically conveyed to packaging machine through liquid level control device. The rest materials in packing machine also can be pumped back to emulsifying tank.

Technical Parameters of Suppository Vacuum Mixing Emulsifier

Model Cubage Emulsification Agitator Dimension
Kw r/min Kw r/min L W H MH
TZZRJ(S)-100 100L 3 0-1700 1.5 10-70 2400 2200 1900 2600
TZZRJ(S)-150 150L 4 0-1700 1.5 10-70 2450 2150 2250 2900
TZZRJ(S)-200 200L 4 0-1700 1.5 10-70 2500 2380 2200 3000
TZZRJ(S)-350 350L 5.5 0-1700 2.2 10-70 2800 2600 2550 3400

Note: the above data is just for reference.

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