Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer

Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer

The vacuum emulsifying mixer is widely used to process ointment and cream products in pharmacy, cosmetic, food and chemical industries.

1. The vacuum emulsifying mixer adopts emulsifying technology from Germany. It is particularly designed for ointments and cosmetics.
2. It mainly composed of emulsifying tank, oil tank, water tank, vacuum system, hydraulic system, and electrical apparatus control system.
3. All the parts which directly contact with materials are made of stainless steel. The vacuum emulsifying mixer meets the standard of GMP, and its inner surface and outer surface are polished.

4. The pipes are automatically controlled, and the data is preset well.
5. The vacuum emulsifying mixer adopts imported electric fittings purchased from Germany's Schneider and Siemens.
6. CIP cleaning system is equipped in emulsifying tank for easy cleaning.
7. The emulsifying tank adopts tertiary agitating system. This ensures the whole emulsion process is in vacuum condition, thus avoid pollution and bubble.
8. Homogenizer is adopted for a better emulsifying effect. The revolving speed for emulsification is in the range of 0-3500r/min, and the revolving speed for agitation ranges from 0 to 65r/min.
9. Our vacuum emulsifying mixer has advantages of easy operation, convenient maintenance, compact structure, good homogenization effect, high working efficiency, reliable performance, and high automation.

1. Lifting device can not be used when emulsifying tank is discharging. This can prevent the collision between agitator and emulsifying tank.
2. The emulsifying tank can not be overturned before its top cover reaches the highest point. This can avoid the collision between agitator and emulsifying tank.
3. The emulsifying tank and its top cover should be buttoned by safety lock when the material is discharging under positive pressure. At this moment, the lifting device can not be started.
4. The negative pressure is formed in the tank after the vacuum system is started. Do not start lifting device at this moment.
5. The agitator can not be started when top cover of emulsifying tank rises. This can avoid personal injury.

Advantages of Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer
1. The control panel adopts seamless rolling technology. Thus our vacuum emulsifying mixer is easy to clean as a result that there is no slits on it.
2. The slow speed agitator is designed with helical gear. This extends its service life and makes it have the ability to bear larger torque force. The noise is only 20db when the agitator runs at the highest speed.
3. Our vacuum emulsifying mixer uses new-style mixer shaft which is easy to disassemble. Users only need to remove several screws when they replace the mixer shaft.
4. The sealing material is polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) which meets pharmaceutical and foodstuff standard.
5. The high speed emulsification device employs calibrating method of static and dynamic balance to guarantee good emulsifying effect and long service life.
6. The fluidity and thermal conductivity of ointment products is not good, compared with fluid. The temperature sensor is equipped to sense the temperature of materials quickly and send data to temperature controller. The temperature error is 1℃.
7. The energy-saving pipes are adopted when the vacuum emulsifying mixer is heated by electricity. It can effectively prevent heat leakage and features fast heating and low power consumption.
8. Pressure safety device is equipped. When pressure is above normal pressure, the device will release pressure automatically.
9. All jackets are equipped with glass sight for easy observation of liquid level.

Tertiary Agitating System
The low speed agitating device is mainly composed of paddle type agitator installed in the center and frame type agitator equipped in the outside. The outer part of frame type agitator is designed with scraper blades which can remove materials adhering to the inner surface of container.

The high speed emulsifying device is made up of impeller and stator. It sucks materials from the upper and lower parts of impeller and ejects the materials from the gap between impeller and stator, while it operates in high speed. In this process, the materials will be fully emulsified after encountered a series of physical reaction such as extruding, cutting, mixing, ejecting, and high frequency oscillation.

The tertiary agitating system composed of low speed agitating device and high speed emulsifying device can fully mix, homogenize and emulsify materials whose viscosity reaches 5000cp.

Technical Parameters of Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer

Note: the above data is just for reference.

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